How to write an essay

Has it ever crossed your mind how to become good at writing essays, which seems to be challenging for most students at first. Most of them have no clue how to start and what a good essay should look like. There are plenty of various tips on writing a good essay but not all of them are useful or effective. All you have to do is just follow a few core rules which will definitely help you to become much better at it.


It is advisable to start writing your composition as early as possible. If you already know the topic of the essay, the easier it is for you to collect all the needed material. Make a plan, think it through and always move forward.
Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, carry on writing, as long as ideas are poured onto the sheet of paper and do not let the style or structure bother you right now, you can get everything in order later after you are finished writing. When all of your in ideas are taken down, read the essay and try to see ‘the golden trio’: introduction, main body and conclusion.

The essay structure

In other words ‘introduction’ is stating the main idea of your study. It should be clear and precise and draw attention immediately.

A good one should demonstrate:

  • Your intention to answer the topical question;
  • That you understand the topic;
  • Prove that you have done some research;
  • Be short and specific.

Main Body

This part of an essay should cover all the mentioned arguments using examples and illustrations. The information must be divided logically (that is why paragraphs are necessary). All you have to do is think through your composition structure to make sure that the main body smoothly leads to its conclusion.


A conclusion is a summary of expressed ideas. The answer to the question mentioned in the essay b topic before must be given here.

A good conclusion is:

  • Not only a summary but a well-thought completion of the work;
  • A short list of main ideas;
  • An effective quote or image (if it is appropriate) which might lead to further reflection.

On the other hand, you should avoid putting forward absolutely new ideas, using a justifying tone or focusing on small details too much.

One more thing it is vitally important to proofread your essay after finishing writing it. Do not be lazy to do it yourself very carefully, for instance Word may skip some of very funny mistakes which may spoil the general impression of your work. Another useful tip is after you have finished writing your paper, put it aside for a few hours and then get back to it with a total fresh look. Most experts claim that conclusion is very important as it holds the result of the work.If you stick to all mentioned above rules, you won’t have any trouble in writing essays. Of course, it takes time and practice, but as we all know “Practice makes it perfect”.

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